A hot-headed barbarian with a big sword.


Kyra is an attractive young woman with dusky skin and dark, messy hair. She wears the traditional furs and armor of her people – a dress-like sleeveless tunic made from cloths and furs, covered by a set of simple hide armor, complete with a set of bracers and boots. Her arms and legs are exposed, and she has several small scars on them. The only thing more dangerous looking than the almost oversized greatsword slung across her back is the quiet scowl worn across her face.


Personality Overview

Usually quiet but prone to fits of anger or rage, Kyra is a true warrior of her clan, regardless of any misgivings one might give due to her stature or looks. She’s direct and to the point, claiming to have little patience for the civilized people’s sensitivity.

Backstory (short version)

Kyra was raised as a warrior from a young age at her own insistence, desiring to help her tribe defend itself from the harshness of the Numerian lands they called home. She stopped growing earlier than most, and as a result seems to feel like she has a lot to prove about how deceiving looks can be.


Kyra’s goals are simple: to prove herself by eliminating threats to her homeland – especially the metal creatures that occasionally emerge.


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